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How to Improve the Strength of Drive Shaft of Roll Crusher

2/28/2013 5:16:51 PM

Shaft is an important part for roll crusher; it plays a role of supporting the rotation parts and transmitting motion and power. The structural design of drive shaft usually begins from the assembly program of parts in shaft, then takes the rational design of the shape and size of shaft structure in accordance with the requirements of the installation, positioning and manufacturing process of parts in shaft; finally, check the strength of shaft. The strength of the drive shaft has a great impact on the efficiency and capacity of the crusher.

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The following measures can be taken to improve the strength of the drive shaft of roll crusher.

(1) Improve the state of axial force

The installation position and shaft structure of drive shaft parts have a great impact on the force of the shaft. When the shaft has more than two parts of output torque, we should arrange the input torque parts in the middle of the axis to significantly reduce the maximum torque of the shaft.

(2) Reduce fatigue rupture

The stress concentration of the cross-section of the shaft and the interference fit produced by stress concentration are major factors causing fatigue rupture. Therefore, we should minimize the source of stress concentration and reduce stress concentration in the designing process, and avoid drilling, grooving and processing thread in shaft especially the point with large stress. In addition, the surface quality of the shaft also has a significant effect on the fatigue strength; we must determine reasonable surface roughness.

(3) Take reasonable structural technique

Having determined the basic shape of the shaft, we should take reasonable and detailed design on structure according to the requirements of the assembly and manufacturing process.