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The Application of Camera Technology in Research of Ball Mill

3/2/2013 1:58:30 AM

When ball mill machine runs, the cylinder drives the media to move, during which, the grinding media will hit the other media as well as the internal wall of the cylinder, and these hits determine the motion of the grinding media inside the grinding mill. The complexity of the grinding process of ball mill and the interaction of the neighboring media makes it difficult to fully understand the hitting property and make research on the movement of the grinding media, for this reason, the research on this scope is very slow. It is due to the complexity of the media motion that makes the research difficult to carry on.

ball mill

With the application of DEM in engineering field, the modeling of the media motion in the powder grinding process has also widely used this theory. Some scholars in foreign countries make use of the discrete element method to do some calculation and simulation analysis on the motion morphology of the media inside ball mill, build a mathematical model of the motion of the media and use the discrete element software to do simulation. This model is used for simulating the motion behavior of the media inside the industrial mill and the results derived based on this model are all reasonably close to the estimated value in the experiment. The existing research theories also include two-dimension DEM and three-dimension DEM.

The reason why modern camera technology is gradually promoted and applied in the research of the law of motion of the ball grinding media is also that the influences of the powder grinding parameters on the motion of the media are complicated. With the application of this technology, the research on the motion of the grinding mill more conforms to the actual grinding and crushing process and the research result is more accurate.