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Selection of Steel Balls for Ball Mill will Influence its Productivity

3/4/2013 5:19:31 PM

The steel balls of ball mill are the important grinding media for the ball grinding mill to grind materials. When grinding materials, the centrifugal force produced by the cylinder of ball mill will bring the steel balls to a certain height and then the steel balls will fall, and the cylinder will continue to rotate driven by the electro motor. The steel balls will constantly hit the materials until they reach the needed discharging granularity. For this reason, in the grinding process, the steel balls are important and indispensable spare parts.

The quality of the steel balls of ball mill influences not only its productivity, but the ball consumption, thus influencing the cost of the grinding media. The primary standard of the selection of steel balls is that the productivity of ball mill should be high and the cost of the grinding media should be low because only high productivity and low cost of grinding media can bring high economic benefits.

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When choosing steel balls, their density and hardness are two aspects that cannot be ignored. Next the experts of Hongxing Machinery will talk about the influences of steel balls on the productivity of ball mill from these two aspects:

(1) The hardness of steel balls on ore grinding:

Generally speaking, with the increase of hardness, if the steel balls do not break, the unit consumption of steel balls will reduce. If the size of the steel balls is small, in the crushing process, the energy that ball mills absorb for transformation, the energy will be used for crushing the ore particles, thus increasing the productivity of the grinding mill. However, there is limit to everything, so that the increase of the hardness of the steel balls should be appropriate because when the hardness exceeds the limit, it will influence the productivity of ball mill and even reduce it.

(2) The density of steel balls on ore grinding:

Generally speaking, on the condition of the same size, the bigger the density of the steel balls, the higher the productivity of ball mills will be.