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Development Path of Drying Equipment in the Future

3/5/2013 5:54:37 PM

The restructuring of the dryer machine industry is inevitable because the advantages of large-scale production are more and more obvious and it will promote the development of drying equipment in China. Large-sized drying equipment will have very wide application prospect in the future.

drying equipment

When used in petrochemical industry and inorganic chemicals, drying equipment has high processing capacity, but some dryer machines can still not produced in China because of the backward technology. And the reasons of it are as follows:

(1) The current production of drying equipment does not form real economy of scale which cannot effectively stimulate the research enthusiasm of the large-sized equipment.

(2) The majority of large-sized equipment depends on import, as a result of which, domestically manufactured equipment is not able to effectively enter the market. Although there is plenty of drying equipment manufacturing plants in China, many of them are small and medium sized ones whose processing capacity cannot satisfy the needed production scale, but foreign dryer machines are developing towards large size.

With the development of technology protective system in China, this disorderly competition will be gradually cancelled and Hongxing Machinery believes that in the near future, the key to successful development of drying equipment is high content of science and technology.