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Knowledge on Lubrication and Maintenance of Mining Machinery

3/7/2013 5:22:15 PM

As for heavy machinery especially the industrial powder grinding equipment such as grinding mill and jaw crusher, in its running process with high speed, the lubrication and maintenance of the core part is very crucial because correct lubrication and maintenance will extend the service life of the equipment and improve its working efficiency.

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1. What is the function of lubrication?

Lubrication is a maintenance measure taken for the purposing of reducing the friction and wear and tear, improving the equipment efficiency.

2. What are the “five certains” in equipment lubrication?

Identified set of people, usual place, regular time, quantitative amount and high quality.

3. How many types is lubrication divided into according to the difference of working surfaces and limits of working conditions?

Lubrication can be divided into fluid dynamic pressure lubrication, boundary lubrication and

semi-membrane lubrication.

4. How many types can lubrication grease be divided into according to the viscosity degree?

Lubrication grease can be divided into three types: light, medium and heavy type.

5. What is fog lubrication and what are its advantages?

Fog lubrication means change the oil flow into vaporific matter through fog lubrication equipment and convey and disperse it to the lubrication parts for lubrication. Its advantages are that it can get good lubrication effect, diffuse the heat, reducing the working temperature and bring away the abrasive dust and micro dust particles and reduce the oil consumption.

6. What factors should be considered when choosing lubrication grease?

The factors that should be considered include temperature, speed, load and environment.

7. What is the composition of lubrication grease?

Lubrication grease is mainly composed of basic oil, densifier, stabilizer and additive.