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Development History and Level of Wear-resistant Materials of Crusher

9/15/2013 10:43:39 PM

The central task of mining machinery is to crush ore into the appropriate size. Therefore, the wear-resisting degree of materials that touch stone directly is very important. Hongxing Machinery, as an enterprise involved in mining machinery industry in China earlier, is very exquisite in the selection of wear-resistant materials.

According to the different crushing degrees and positions in the whole crushing production line, the crushers are endowed with different crushing ways by Hongxing engineers. In recent years, they have developed mobile crushing station which is a milestone in crusher production. However, even if the design is exquisite, if the part such as crusher hammerhead that contacts with stone directly did not have enough wear-resisting degree, the elaborate design will not be able to reflect the wisdom contained in crusher well. Then, what is the history of the development of crusher wear-resistant materials, and how is it developing now? Hongxing Machinery will give you a detailed introduction.

Wear-resistant material is used in the production of lining plate of grinding mill, separating storehouse plate, grating bar, crusher hammerhead, plate hammer, impact plate, jaw plate, vertical grinding roll, disk and other parts and has developed into the third generation. The first generation of wear-resisting material which is known as high manganese steel has wonderful toughness and produces work hardening under the condition of strong shocks, but it is not suitable for the low impact load or stress. The second generation of wear-resistant material is nickel cast iron and it has high hardness and good wear-resisting performance. But because of the weak hardness and toughness and higher cost, it has been phased out in the wear-resisting market.

The third generation of wear-resisting material contains high chromium cast iron and all kinds of alloy steel, which is a kind of wear-resistant material with good performance and can be used in the production of the lining plate of small and medium-sized mill, the hammerhead of small crusher and plate hammer, vertical mill roll and other crushing machines. Alloy steel has higher toughness and hardness, good comprehensive mechanical performance. According to the content of carbon, when adding alloy elements and using corresponding heat treatment process, it will have wider application, but its wear-resisting performance is not so good, and the casting is easy to crack if the water quenching technology is not controlled well.