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Mobile Impact Crusher Takes the lead in Improve the Environment

3/16/2014 11:47:51 PM

With the rapid development of society and economy, the problem of construction waste begins to accompany our daily life, and the surroundings around us are polluted day by day. As a leading company in the mining equipment industry, Hongxing Machinery introduces foreign new technologies to constantly update our products, and on the premise of strict technique and quality, our company researches and develops new type of upgraded mobile impact crusher machine. With scientific and technical development, traditional crusher equipment with high pollution, high energy consumption and low efficiency is more and more rejected, but mobile crusher is more and more favored thanks to its advantages such as environmental protection, high efficiency and energy conservancy, and it has high market development space. This portable crusher guides customers to reduce cost, improve efficiency and perfect production with scientific equipment concept, so that it enjoys high popularity among building material, construction waste, open-pit mining, ore quarrying, sand and cement enterprises.

Tyre mobile impact crusher is an improved portable crushing plant with high crushing ratio and output and it refers to the working principle of traditional crusher machine and is researched and run for about two years in the energy enterprises, so that customers say that it is an innovated crushing machine with the most proper application and the highest scientific and technical content. At present, tyre type mobile impact crusher has been widely used in the crushing and powder grinding projects in our country.

The tyre mobile impact crusher researched and manufactured by Hongxing Machinery is developed by combining with the domestic market situation. It has such outstanding features as simple structure, low cost, high efficiency and energy conservation and high crushing ratio, and what is more, it has the functions of both fine crushing and high-precision crushing. At present, it gets wide application in the stone crushing field in many cities and it also has unprecedented crushing ability in materials with medium and super high hardness, thus effectively improving the production efficiency of crushing equipment.

This tyre mobile impact crusher produced by Hongxing Machinery has high output and crushing force, thus avoiding second pollution of construction waste on the environment and recycling construction waste. Hongxing Machinery welcomes customers to come to our company for visit and inspection.