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Hongxing Cement Kiln Takes the Lead in Waste Disposal

4/1/2014 8:08:35 PM

Statistics indicate that the accumulation of trash in China has exceeded 6 billion tons, which has covered more than 3 million acres land, caused serious pollution even disasters, and 2/3of over 660 cities are surrounded by trash. Experts predicate that the annual trash amount will come up to 0.179 and 0.21tons in 2015and 2020.Dealing with garbage has become a significant problem in China.

Hongxing Machinery learned that the use of cement rotary kiln in dealing with trash is the most low-carbon and environmental way. In the early 1970s, some developed countries had promoted the use of cement kiln co-processing system and achieved good social, environmentally friendly and economic benefits. China started the research of the use of cement kiln in dealing with hazardous and municipal solid waste from 1990s, which had achieved remarkable results, and then a set of cement kiln co-processing technology system established.

Harmless, reductive and resourceful are the fundamental principles of waste disposal. Cement kiln co-processing method is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and economical than others. And it is an important way of waste disposal in the world, which has 30 years’ safe operating experience in the cement industry of developed countries.

Using cement kiln co-processing system to dealing with garbage just started in China, and we still have a long distance to reach the level of developed countries. As an important equipment of waste disposal system , cement rotary kiln will be generally concerned and widely applied in the near future.

Hongxing Machinery has years’ producing cement production line equipment, whose dry type cement rotary kiln has the advanced level in the world. The cement kiln has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and automatic control during its processing. Enquiries are warmly welcomed, and we are ready to serve you.