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Rational allocation of raymond mill increases productivity

6/14/2012 12:56:36 AM

With the continuous development of the industry, as the main equipment of grinding powder industry, it has become an inevitable development trend for raymond mill to be efficient, stable, low-power, precise, automatic. Throughout mill crushing field, improving crushing and grinding operation process, meliorating existing configuration structure, getting equipment operation digitized and simplifying the upgrade process have been a consensus in the industry and struggle goals for most businesses. Long production practice prove that developing equipment of big crushing ratio, high efficiency, low consumption is the most effective, economical and reasonable way to achieve this goal.

Experts generally believe that Raymond Mill must walk to efficiency and low consumption, and automated direction in powder industry. We should carry out effective management through the condition monitoring and microcomputer automatic control device. To achieve stability, we should rationally study the wear resistance of the various accessories and improve the lubrication between the machine bearings which under continuous work. In order to achieve the goal of high efficiency and low consumption, and technical staff research, analysis and compare the crushing and grinding energy consumption and design new process, that is, reach the goal of reducing fragmentation, reducing costs, and enhancing enterprise market competitiveness with technology though reducing the final product particle size of fragmentation products, increasing the content of the fine-grained level product and greatly improving the handling capacity of the mill.

In the past production, gap adjustment is a vexing problem, and improved device can adjust the gap by mechanical or hydraulic adjustment. The current structural design of milling equipment will be mature gradually and provide strong technical support of for industry production.