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How to Guarantee the Stable Temperature in Rotary Kiln?

2/6/2015 11:52:20 PM

Because the lime kiln has stable operation, high thermal efficiency, high operation rate, less energy consumption, so it is very popular in building materials industry. However, when the temperature of rotary kiln is not stable, it often results in skin off phenomenon. The flame shape is not good; the flame emission will scour and crust the kiln brick. At this time, it should be added or even close inner wind flow, add the coal quantity of the rotary kiln head, increase the outflow of the wind, so the flame will stretch or move the coal injection pipe. Change the fire location and re coating, so that the firing conditions will return to deformity.

Rotary Kiln

In the production of rotary kiln, when the lining material is burned, the kiln will be roasted at a high temperature and the furnace is red, or even burned the uneven surface is also very common. In order to avoid the cylinder plate burn through, we use the refractory brick to absorb heat. The melting temperature of rotary kiln barrel body plate is 1400-1500 ℃, and the normal temperature for calcining clinker is 1450 ℃, the highest temperature of flow can reach 1700 ℃, high fire burning clinker calcining temperature up to 1500 ℃, and the air temperature is 1800-1900 ℃, which is far more than the melting temperature of kiln body steel plate. At this time, it must build the firebrick prevent burn through plate. So, for the sake of normal production, it must masonry refractory brick on the cylinder lining.

In order to guarantee the stability of the temperature in lime rotary kiln, the first thing is the remote temperature measurement, which is very convenient for us. It is mainly the installed digital display device of rotary kiln, and then through the temperature conversion to digital display meter, which can lead to better temperature control. Then it can also get the thermometer, but it need to go to the scene for temperature inspection. It also can make the rotary kiln temperature reach the sight line, but the important point is that some elements need to be checked, so that it can achieve the stable performance.