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Factors Attributed for Uneven Discharging Granularity of Ball Mill

5/18/2015 6:47:19 PM

Ball mill is the key equipment for re-crushing materials after being smashed. When the ball mill discharging granularity is not uniform, the manufacturer may not know the reasons for this phenomenon. Hongxing Machinery, the professional ball mill manufacturer will explain for you.

Ball Mill

Our company has been dedicated to designing and producing ball mill for more than 20 years , with rich experience and first-class production technologies. The ball mills developed and produced by our company are highly welcomed by the majority of users. Today we would like to analyze the factors affecting ball mill discharging granularity.

1. The high moisture content of the feeding materials results in full grinding.

2. The excessive temperature inside the ball mill causes enclosing sphere.

These two phenomena can both make the grinding ability decline dramatically. At this time, the sound of the mill is low and deep, and the current goes down. If the grinding material moisture content is high, we can do with it by reducing feed rate, drying the feeding materials, strengthening ball mill ventilation, or adding in grinding supporting materials; If the grinding temperature is excessive, we can manage this condition by controlling the feeding material temperature, adopting water injection inside ball mill, increasing the sprinkle water amount on the mill, intensifying inner ventilation, adding in grinding supporting agents, or reducing the ratio of balls and material inside.

3. The grinding medium grading is not reasonable. If product fineness thickening happens after ball mill cleaning up, it usually because the grinding medium grading is not reasonable; If the fineness only excesses a bit, we can increase the invading degree of ball mill wind-separating board or increase the number of small blades to solve this problem; If increasing the number of small blades doesn't work, it need to reduce the number of both big and small blades, or re-grade the grinding material.