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Analyze the Feasibility of Mechanism Sand

6/11/2015 1:26:35 AM

First, mechanism sand to replace natural sand is an irresistible trend.

Natural sand resources has almost been exhausted, in order to protect our environment, rivers and dams, many regions throughout the country have issued a number of policies and regulations to prohibit the exploitation to natural sand.

Second, the quality of mechanism sand is reliable.

Compared with natural sand, the mechanism sand has a better particle shape and more rational granular composition. In the fields where the natural sand is forbidden to use, such as high-rising buildings and other key projects, mechanism sand plays an irreplaceable part. Beijing government provided that all the key projects of the Olympic games must use the mechanism sand.

Mechanism Sand Making Machine

Third, mechanism sand has abundant raw materials, in addition to mature sand-making technologies.

China has a large amount of metal mines and non-metallic mines. The mining and dressing processes usually accompanied by about 20% ore tailings. Large amounts of tailings haven't received rational use, with hundreds of tons of tailings accumulating on the ground, occupying land and resulting in environmental pollution. If the ore tailings are properly sorted and processed, there will be a considerate part of tailings able to made into artificial sand. Besides, the technical level of the crushing and screening machinery needed in the production has been improving, which provides a guarantee for producing high-quality and qualified concrete aggregates.

Forth, the production of mechanism sand can turn waste into wealth.

Over the years, in many stone material factories, carving factories, mines, etc., tailings waste are piled up like a mountain without treatment, which not only pollute the environment, take up land, but also waste resources. Therefore, it is of great significant to make use of the tailings to produce mechanism sand in-place.

Fifth, investing in mechanism sand production has stable returns.

Mechanism sand production has advantages of low investment, quick results and zero risk.