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How to Keep the Safety Production of Ore Powder Crusher?

9/9/2015 11:35:05 PM

The saying goes that safety is more important than production. So in terms of mining crushing operation, personal safety is the most important. This article is mainly to introduce the two leys to ensuring the safety production of ore powder crusher.

The inspection before starting up

1. Before starting up the ore powder crusher, carefully check the fastening of the bolts and screws on the connection parts; Check the crushing cavity to see if there is any ores that haven't been broken and other sundries; Check the amount of the lubricating oil and if the lubricating system has problems of oil blockage and leakage; Finally check the tightness of the v-belt or the locking spring, in order to guarantee the ore powder crusher operating normally.

ore powder crusher

2. Before operation, the operators should know well about its operational approach, maintenance essentials, production capacity, application range, all the equipment controller and the functions of the alarm device. Meanwhile, be sure to carefully read the warning instructions, etc.

The precautions in the production

1. The diameter size of the feeding inlet must conform to the materials to be crushed, in case the materials rush out of the inlet. Besides, there must be a shield on the equipment, for fear that the materials splash out when being crushed and injure the operators or other equipment.

2. Regularly check the power line connecting the equipment to avoid electricity leakage caused by line aging and skin peeling; Check the fixed bolts of the hammer head and the fixation of the rotors, in order to guarantee the equipment's safety operation and the safety of operating personnel.