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The Advantages of Mechanical Sealing of Pebble Cone Crusher

9/25/2015 11:10:01 PM

The rubber sealing of pebble cone crusher exists some defects such as lubricating oil leakage, so we adopt mechanical sealing to replace the rubber sealing and it has achieved good using effect. This article is mainly designed to introduce the advantages of mechanical sealing of pebble cone crusher.

Reliable sealing:

1. On the seal surface of pebble crusher, a certain elastic pre-tightening force is attached to friction, which makes the seal surface under certain pressure and always keeps the friction surface of the seal having a good contact. It can prevent the seal from deviating from its place because of the vibration of pebble cone crusher during the operation and effectively avoids lubricating oil leakage.

Pebble Cone Crusher

2. The sealing surfaces of pebble cone crusher in three dimensions only contact in one direction, solving the drawback of leakage caused by seal deformation. When the body rotating around nthe eccentric sleeve, if the bearing clearance is too big, it will result in the amplitude of swing too big, and thus causes deformation to the sealing element and results in leakage.

Less wear to the sealing element:

1.The friction auxiliary material of mechanical seal is made by oil powder in metallurgy process. In this material there are many tiny pores and lubricating oil can ooze from them. It has a certain lubricating effect on fraction surface and can improve the service life of sealing element.

2.The mechanical seal of pebble cone crusher is manufactured by metallic materials, without deformation resulted by external force. The seal element is only stressed and worn in one direction and has no stress and deformation in other directions, improving the reliability of sealing and prolonging the useful life of sealing element.