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Effective Ways to Reduce the Cost of Rock Crushing Line

12/12/2015 12:14:39 AM

As the number of sandstone aggregate producers continues to increase, the industry competition is growing increasingly severe. So it is very necessary to innovate. 

To reduce the cost of rock crushing line, that is, in fact, to lower down the production cost of equipment, including the costs of crushing equipment, conveying equipment, screening equipment and drying equipment, etc. In order to reduce the cost spent on these devices, we should live up to the following several aspects.

Rock Crushing Line

1. To reasonably configure the rock crushing production line. For example, when crushing stones and rocks, we should employ appropriate stone crushing machines. For hard rocks, we first choose jaw stone crusher to finish the primary crushing task and then use impact crushing for the secondary crushing task. To make it more convenient for crushing small stone particles and rocks with low emission requirement, we usually employ hammer crusher for crushing. And for those raw ores with higher requirements on particle size and productivity, we usually choose impact crusher machine. In line with the different requirements of customers, we can choose different crushing equipment. By rationally combining with high quality conveying and screening equipment, it can effectively reduce the equipment cost to a large extent.

2. To reasonably design the production site. With regards to different crushing scenes, it requires us to plan the layout of the production site elaborately. For example, we should determine the configuration of the conveying system according to the local topographic features.

3. To guarantee equipment quality. The equipment quality of the whole rock crushing plant has a direct influence on the total cost of the production line. So it is of great significance to improve equipment quality and performance. In a word, to improve equipment quality is an important way to reduce cost.