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Engineering machinery seeks increase in a slump

7/23/2012 1:14:28 AM

Due to deficient operating rate, the engineering machinery market (cone crusher) didn’t behave well in the second quarter whose sales dropped greatly compared with the first quarter. Seen from the year-on-year statistics, the continuous deterioration of the year-on-year decline has basically stopped. However, what should be noticed is that the first quarter in 2011 is the demand summit in recent three years. The chain decline speed of the second quarter in the same year has surpassed the seasonal pattern of the former years. Therefore, though the year-on-year requirement is basically lowered, the decline situation of the chain still reflects its real demanding weak state. Meanwhile, it is also should pay attention to that the homemade brand appears superior to the foreign brand in spite of the fact that the overall market is poor.

Despite the bad news that the engineering machinery industry is affected by the objective environment, the entire industry sales decline and the capital chain is tense, its first quarter still has its bright spots. 

First of all, this lies in its export. There is a total number of 1693 sets of excavators in the first quarter, a 87.9% year-on-year growth; a 3.8% proportion of the export, a 2.6% year-on-year growth; the number of the loader is 7548, a 38.2% year-on-year growth accounting 14.7% of the export. There’s a 6.9% year-on-year growth. The increase speed of the bulldozers and road rollers is also fast, major industry export all keeps a tendency of rapid growth. 

Second, the growth speed of the products of the first-quarter engineering machinery listed companies is faster than the industry. It is easy to find out that the gap between the industry giants and the followers is becoming larger and larger, the market concentration is further promoted and the market competitiveness of the leading enterprises has been constantly enhanced. 

As the weather gets warmer, projects in different places get started. The second quarter approaches when the engineering machinery market is expected to usher an upward development trend. Actually, it is manifested from the fixed investment data in March this year announce by the NBS in April that a growth trend emerges in domestic infrastructure construction investment, and the year-on-year growth rebounded. 

Based on the above information, the domestic engineering machinery needs in the future will mainly lie in the pull from the infrastructure construction investment, but along with the gradual effects of the financial support and monetary policy fine-tuning, it will obviously be improved in the second quarter. People have the right to expect, with the weather warming and starting of the projects, that the engineering machinery industry is hopeful to usher another sales turning point.