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In-Depth report on the type of cement ball mill engine

2/15/2012 8:30:41 PM

Cement ball mill is a large equipment of the mining machinery industry, whose production requires a lot of driving force, so its technical requirements of engine is very high!

The motor, also known as the engine, could transform one form of energy into another, usually transforming chemical energy into mechanical energy. it is sometimes suitable both for power-generating device, but also for the whole machine containing the power-generating device, such as gasoline engines, aircraft engines. The engine was first born in the UK, so the concept of the engine originated from English, whose original meaning is "the kind of mechanical device to generate power ".

Cement mill engine transforms electrical energy into kinetic energy, in order to drive a cement ball mill. Cement mill engine depends on industrial high-voltage to force the cement mill rotation.

The engines are categorized into piston engine, ramjets, rocket engine, turbine engine.

Work process: intake - compression - injection - Combustion - expansion for power - exhaust.

1) the intake stroke

The working fluid into the cylinder is pure air. Due to the smaller resistance of diesel engine intake system, terminal pressure on air intake is pa = (0.85 to 0.95) p0, higher than gasoline engine. Inlet end temperature is Ta = 300 ~ 340K, lower than gasoline engine.

(2) compression stroke

The compressed refrigerant is pure air, diesel engine compression ratio is higher than that of gasoline engine (usually ε = 16 ~ 22). Compression pressure at the end is 3 000 to 5 000kPa, compressed temperature at the end is 750 ~ 1 000K, much higher than the ignition temperature of diesel engine (about 520K).

(3) The power stroke

Near the end of compression stroke, under the function of the high pressure pump, diesel is spurted into the cylinder combustion chamber on about 10MPa high-pressure through fuel injector, then mixed with air in immediate time, namely self-ignition combustion. The gas pressure in the cylinder rises rapidly, up to 5 000~9 000kPa, maximum temperature of 1 800 to 2 000K. As the diesel engine depends on compression to self-ignite, so diesel engine is called compression-ignition engine.

(4) the exhaust stroke

Diesel engine exhaust is basically similar to that of gasoline engine, just the exhaust temperature is lower( general Tr of = 700 ~ 900K). For the single cylinder engine, its speed is uneven, the engine does not work smoothly, vibrates violently. Because in the four strokes, only one is acting, the other three strokes are consuming power for preparing the acting stroke. To solve this problem, the flywheel must own a sufficient large rolling inertia, but this will lead to the increasing mass and size of the entire engine. The use of multi-cylinder engine can compensate for these shortcomings. Modern motors usually apply  four-cylinder, six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engine.

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