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Ore processing plant such as magnetic separator for iron ore purification

2/16/2012 10:20:56 PM

Ore spiral classifier is a kind of purify equipment, it is mainly used in the classification and purifying of some ores, its common corollary equipments are vibrating feeder, belt conveyor , and other iron ore beneficiation equipments.

Why iron ore need purifying? For the pig iron is brittle, less elasticity, which is not easy to processing, casting and welding. It is mainly used for the lathe bed, hull, bottom case, iron pan and etc. However, steel has nice toughness, plasticity and weldability, which can be calcining; recycle flattening, laddering and easy for machine operation. So steel has widely applications. As pig iron and steel have the same molecular formula Fe, why there is a so big difference between them. The carbon content of iron ore is high, and it also contains some impurities, such as Si, Mn,S. Generally, the material carbon content more than 2% is called pig iron, carbon content between 03-29 is steel, and carbon content lower than 0.03% is called dug iron. So, the steel making process means the process to lower the content of carbon and to remove the impurities in the pig iron. Workers usually summarize this progress simply as: drop carbon, adjust silicon and manganese, and remove sulphur and phosphorus.

In daily life, steel has become the most widely used and the largest quantity demand metal. It is used in the making of huge machine tool, agriculture machine, car, train, ocean ship, heavy tank as well as pencil case, iron pan, pen. Steel is the floorboard of steel and iron; firstly, iron ore smelted into pig iron in the blast furnace, then pig iron become the steel after thoroughly tempered in the steel furnace. However, how is it become the steel? At first, mine various kinds of iron ores, mainly are hematite magnetite, limonite, siderite, and etc, in which hematite (Fe2O3) and magnetite (Fe3O4) are used for steel making. Among these iron ores, iron is in the form of compound.  And how to get the iron of simple substance? In the ancient China, people use charcoal and ore to make steel, but the efficiency is too low, in order to make a furnace iron, there need totally more than one thousand people of firemen and chark workers.

The purifying of high iron content like hematite is the focus all the time, ore dressing equipments such as spiral classifier, magnetic separator can purify these ores with high efficiency and can be used in the earlier stage of classifying process, and they are the key equipments during the process of purifying of ores.